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Age is just a number !

On l'entend souvent cette phrase ! l'âge n'est qu'un chiffre !

Kelly Slater, 50 ans, le meilleur surfeur de tous les temps vient de le prouver en remportant le titre au Billabong Pipeline Pro face à Seth Moniz !

Slater is packed for two weeks in Southern California, followed by a month in Australia. He’s been around this sport for 40-odd years, but still he’s competing on the World Surf League Championship Tour, where he’s claimed 11 world titles, including once as the youngest winner ever (at 20) and once as the oldest (39). Along the way, through relentless success and the kind of charm that landed him a recurring role on Baywatch, he helped take surfing mainstream. Some would argue that he’s accomplished more in his sport, and done more for it, than any other athlete across time. “I don’t care who you mention—Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali,” Mark Richards, himself a four-time world champion surfer, once told Sports Illustrated. “Kelly is unquestionably the greatest athlete ever to stomp around on this planet.”