From Canon to Sony

I've made the jump. I purchased my first 'real' camera in octobre of 2018. A Canon 80d paired with a couple of lenses, the nifty fifty a wide lens stabilized for vlogging and videos, and a Sigma 18-35 F/1.8 ART lenses for photography.

The thing is that even with the Sigma lense, when shooting inside my box at night, the noise was terrible as my shutter needs to be at least 1/350 - 1/500 for crossfit acitivities. And shooting videos was just impossible !

After a lot of research the Sony A7III, a full frame camera with great low light capabilities seemed a great fit. So this weekend I sold my Canon and got myself a Sony A7III paired with a Tamron 28 - 75 f/2.8 lense.

So from now on all the pictures posted on this site will be from the sony camera. I'll see how it performs.