From Statamic to Getkirby

The design of this website has changed as you might have noticed, but what's under the hood as well. I've used statamic for the past 2 - 3 years and it has served me well, but I find it has become a bit like wordpress, a very complicated content management system.

So I have decided to try getkirby again and what do you know, it was the right fit for me. And things just got better when they released the third version, witch I'm not sure I will be using, I mean this version is just rock solid and suits me well.

Getkirby is simple, fast and pretty straight forward to use and to develop for. And if or when you get into a jam just search google and the answer you shall find ! This is by the way what drove me away from statamic, not the support that is great but the lack of demonstration of what people do with statamic. It feels like the getkirby community is way more share friendly. Anyway this is probably a biased article but hey ! just letting you know ...

Until next time.