Get Hu-Ge by Ben Bergeron

This programmed is based on the principals of WestSide Barbell and the methods they have used to produce the world's strongest athletes.

The months of August and September should be viewed as the "off-season" for the competitive CrossFit athlete. And similar to athletes in other sports the off-season should be primarily focused on getting stronger. Check out the "Programming Philosophy" on this site to see how I structure the entire year of training.
Some basic guidelines for this phase of training.

Take the rest days. You are going to grow when you are NOT in the gym.
Continue to do mobility.
If you are a beast (dudes over 205# and chicks over 145#) you should do a 2-3 mile easy run on Tuesdays.
If you are a smaller athlete (dudes under 165# and chicks under 120#) you can add an additional superset of bicep/tricep work on Repetition Saturday. Something like 3 rounds of: 12 barbell curls (yep, is said curls) and 12 band push downs.

Eat lots! Yes, this is going to be individualized and if you are a beast already it's not going to be as important. We are going to get BIG and STRONG over the next two months so it's ok to have the sweet potato fries and ketchup with dinner.
Accept that your metcon is not going to improve over the next two months. Don't worry it will come back. Remember, we are looking to develop a bigger can.


Max Effort Lower Body


CrossFit Metcon 1-2 wods that don't interfere with Max Effort Monday or Wednesday


Max Effort Upper Body


Rest Day







Rest Day

Par Ben Bergeron