iPad Pro 2018 Review

I have been waiting for an iPad that could actually replace my laptop that I carry around all the time. All this time I have kept my MacBook Pro 13’ from 2015, mostly because of the keyboard glitches apple has had with their new butterfly keyboard system.

So since 2015 I have tried all the iPad’s that came out, the 12’9 for about two days, way to big for my taste. The first generation of the 10.5’ iPad Pro witch came really close to replacing the MacBook. But every time I found something to dislike, the home button on the side when in landscape, and the fact that there was a left and right. The bezels, and of course the lack of photoshop !!

I don’t do much with my MacBook Pro, I watch a lot of YouTube videos, Netflix, I create website that are simple enough to edit on the go ( I have an iMac at home ) using the Coda App, but every now and then I need to edit a flyer for my CrossFit box and can’t wait to be home to do so. So the Photoshop app is a must have for me. I have tried many other app to replace PS but was never satisfied. So when apple introduced photoshop at the octobre keynote, I was sold.

Face ID, slim bezel, powerful like any other laptop, this iPad was for me. And it seems I was not mistaken, the 11’ iPad Pro is just perfect. The form factor and the rectangular edges remind me of the iPhone 4 and 5 both of witch I loved the iPhone 4 especially. It’s really lightweight and the folio keyboard is way better that the last generation as it protects the iPad completely.

The Apple Pencil witch I did not purchase yet will make this iPad do wonders and charging it just by putting it at the top of the iPad with the magnets, perfect.
I have purchased the Apple Pencil and it is a breeze to use, mostly because of the fact that you know where it is all the time... at the top of the IPad Pro. Just laying there, charging.
I am writing this review on the iPad and I’m in Awe with the screen, this is a perfect combo for me. what I now expect to see are Apps that actually take advantage of this powerful machine.
PS : Note that at the time of the writing not all apps have been updated to make full use of the larger 11’ display.