I have decided to relaunch this website to the public. It was always out there on the web but I didn't post much and spent way more time redesigning than actually writting.

This time I'm going another way about it. I purchased a template that is actually what you are seeing in your browser, so no more designing and redesigning, pay one small ( very small ) fee and it's done. More time for actual blog posts.

And I must admit this template / theme call it whatever you like is gorgeous, so simple it just makes you want to write, just to see your post take shape. The simplicity at it's best. I have added some small personal touches to the way it displays photos mostly, but other than that keept it very much how it was originally designed. This is a first for me !

On the writting / backend site I went back to getkirby mostly because this design was made using getkirby cms, but also because of the price of the license,  getkirby is really cheap in comparison to  statamic and although the templating language of statamic is way better and straighforward in my opinion, I find that with time, it got more and more complicated, whereas Getkirby just stayed the same.

So the design and the cms are a perfect fit for each other. You can expect more posts / articles in the future. And also way more photography articles as I have become an amateur photographer. See ya around...