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Back at it ?

I haven't posted in quit some time but I've been very busy with my Crossfit affiliate and all the construction we had going on to build a better and bigger box.

I hope to have more time blogging from september onwards, as I have a few topic in mind regarding coaching.

Alexa, Sonos, Lifx yes please

I recently made a purchase that completely change the way I interact with my house environment !

I wanted better sound for my samsung TV and after some youtubing (new word for googling or searching ) I decided to go with the Sonos Beam, not too expensive, great sound that can be enhanced later if needed with the smaller Sonos One. It's a smart speaker and that's where it gets interesting !

Alexa turn the TV on ! and that's it ! So then I started looking for smart bulb and went for the LIFX brand ! it's suppose to be as good as Phillips Hue but no need for a Hub so it's quit a lot cheaper. Got 8 bulbs and it's enough for my living room, my kitchen and my bedroom !

All in all it's not that expensive and the whole experience is quit nice ! Still have to get use to not switching the lights on manually but other than that Alexa is great for the TV and very reliable so far...

From Canon to Sony

I've made the jump. I purchased my first 'real' camera in octobre of 2018. A Canon 80d paired with a couple of lenses, the nifty fifty a wide lens stabilized for vlogging and videos, and a Sigma 18-35 F/1.8 ART lenses for photography.

The thing is that even with the Sigma lense, when shooting inside my box at night, the noise was terrible as my shutter needs to be at least 1/350 - 1/500 for crossfit acitivities. And shooting videos was just impossible !

After a lot of research the Sony A7III, a full frame camera with great low light capabilities seemed a great fit. So this weekend I sold my Canon and got myself a Sony A7III paired with a Tamron 28 - 75 f/2.8 lense.

So from now on all the pictures posted on this site will be from the sony camera. I'll see how it performs.

Quick Update

Hey people of the internet ! I've been so busy with my photography and cinematography lately that I haven't had the time to update the blog !

I'm in the middle of the CrossFit Open season 2019, waiting for the annoucement of the third W.O.D, and for each W.O.D, I've decided to create a small movie for Youtube and for Instagram, so if you want to check them out don't hesitate. I've also been taking a lot of picture and editing them has taken quit some time.

Anyway I'm still on track with my youtube channel the focus has just switched from a personal channel to my professional channel for my Box.

Moving away from Facebook

This is something that has been on the back of my mind for quite some time already. I really started hating facebook more and more, but find myself in a weird position.

On a personal note I don't need facebook, plain simple, it used to be a space to connect with my friends but has become a place to connect with the world...

I have "friends" on facebook that I don't even know and my timeline has become nothing but things I don't need or even want in my life. I know I could just stop following people and I do sometimes but when you have more than 1000 friends it gets pretty complicated.

On the business side of things, I need facebook. I own a CrossFit affiliate and I need to communicate on a regular bases with my community, and for that Facebook is a great plateform and is absolutely necessary. I'm thinking about reimplementing a blog on the website to start getting people going to the website to fetch information , but Facebook is such an easier option and you can reach way more people than with a website. Mostly because you intruduce yourself into those timelines instead of making them go to the "trouble" of actually going to the blog.

My perfect solution would be to just delete my personal account and only retain / manage my business page on Facebook but I haven't found a way to do that efficiently yet... If you know a way please let me know.

Nouveau Départ

J’ai été accepté en BPJEPS AGFF Mention D ! Hein ? Quisako ! Bp quoi ?

Le BPJEPS est un Brevet Professionnel Jeunesse de l’Education Populaire et du Sport en version Activité Gymnique Forme et Force Mention Musculation. On peut vite comprendre pourquoi il est plus facile de dire que les initiales. N’oublions pas qu’on est en France :)

J’ai aussi passé avec succès mon Crossfit Level 1 Exam. En gros, j’ai le droit d’enseigner le Crossfit depuis 2 semaine mais si je veux le faire contre rémunération, faudra encore attendre d’avoir ce fameux BPJEPS !

Bien content de retrouver l’équipe qui m’a accompagné pendant six mois lors de la pré-certification. On va bien bosser sans oublier de s’amuser. Et courage et bonne continuation à ceux qui n’ont pas été retenu…

En tous cas, le 8 octobre je rentre en BPJEPS à Formasport ! Une nouvelle période de ma vie commence ! Jusqu’à la prochaine…