Youtube Premium !

Ever since Youtube offered the premium service to get rid of advertisment, I just jumped on the occasion, I haven't regretted it one bit. I watch a lot of youtube videos from filmmaking and photography tutorials to CrossFit / Fitness podcast and such. There is so much great independant content on Youtube it's crazy.

But, when you watch a something that has at least three or four advertisements in a 15 to 20 minutes video it gets annoying really fast. So paying the 12€ per month is a pretty good investment, for me at least, and it saves me a lot of time... I trully beleive that youtuber should get paid if the wish to when the take the time and effort to produce good content, so a premium plan is a great idea.

It is in my opinion a way better offer than Netflix or any other television or on-demand offers you can get. The variety of content will blow any other service out of the water. And supporting independent production just feels great !