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Starting a Youtube channel in 2019

Okay ! So I've been really goint back and forth about this youtube channel thing. The thing I struggle with the most is beeing in front of a camera, I tend to get pretty nervous. I don't particularly like watching myself and find that I look goofy. I'm sure a lot of people that now have successful channels once thought that about Themselves, but it's a hard feeling to shake.

Secondly I don't now where to start or even what to talk about, I have a lot of ideas but all are based on very different subjects, CrossFit, reviewing stuff, I have a lot of gear that I would like to review from tech to outdoors stuff. It all seems like there will be no narrative. I always think that I have to find something that identifies me. Or do I ?

I have the gear to start my channel, camera and mic and tripod ! that's about everything you need really ! So the big questions still remains ... Should I dot it ? Should I just pick up my camera and start talking to it ? Nobody's ever going to be watching my first videos anyway right ? What do I got to loose ? Nothing really...

So ...

Commémoration de la mort de Li Ziming

Commémoration de la mort du Grand maître Li Ziming, disciple de Liang Zheng Pu et troisième génération du Bagua style liang.

Plusieurs démonstrations par des pratiquants du style à Pékin au cimetière ou se trouve la tombe de Dong Haichuan ainsi que celle de Li Ziming et de nombreux grands maîtres du Bagua.

2ème partie de la video