Jean-philippe Gams


What I use on a daily basis when it comes to tech.

Hardware :

I do everything on my MacBook Pro 14' M1 from 2020, when at work I plug it in Mac Studio Display connected to Apple magic trackpad, and Apple magic Keyboard. I also have a Keychron Q1 but find it harder to type as fast as on my magic keyboard. My work desk is a sit/stand from Ikea with a large bamboo desktop. It remains mostly in the sitting position though. I have a 48tb Lacie Drive for backups and storing videos and photos. I also use a Remarkable 2 tablet for taking notes. Leica Q3 for taking pictures and Iphone 15 pro for everything else.

Software :

I use Final Cut Pro for video editing, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom classic for photos editing. VsCode and Nova for Web Development. Arc is my main web browser alongside Safari.

Other Apps

I'll keep this page updated if anything changes.