Jean-philippe Gams / Article / 2024 / May

I started mediation. Again ...

Yesterday I started meditating for the third or maybe fourth time. I had a few go on and off with meditation since 2008 ! But I've had a very, very long time span of continuous sittings every day. Not one day without meditating for more than a year and half, but then I dropped the ball. Don't even remember why ?

All I know is that if I go more than 1 day without, I all goes to s..t after. But even with that knowledge I still dropped the ball ! What a shame ...

But yesterday I started again, so today marks my second consecutive day ! hooray. The book "atomic habits" by James Clear talks a lot about that precise point, that when trying to create a habit you can not, not do it, for more than one day in a row. So now I'm starting from the beginning, again.

The worst of it is I know that you should not have the time to do anything you must take the time, if what you are trying to do, or implement in your life, is important to you.

So I have decided to take the time to meditate. You the reader of this blog can hold me accountable to that decision if we ever meet ;)


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