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Yet another design !

Here we go again ! And yet another design for this personal website. Since the start of this year there's been at least three versions, all very similar but still. It's a drug ! I surf the web, mostly small personal websites and blog and every time I see something I like in terms of design or functionality, I have to have it, and I start implementing it. This then leads to a complete overhaul of my website.

I need to get a grip on this, or I will spend 90% of my time making designs, instead of writing. This is a blog after all, articles and thoughts are more important than the design around it.

This time around I wouldn't be able to name the websites that inspired me as there are way to many, and still the design is absolutely the most simple it could be. I have given myself a personal challenge, not to redesign anything before I have written at least 10 articles ( long form ). If I manage to fulfil the challenge, I might not even want to do a redesign.

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