Jean-philippe Gams / Article / 2023 / June

Iphone 13 mini

After purchasing the Iphone 14 Pro when it came out, I decided today to switch back to my old beloved Iphone 13 Mini. What did I loose ? Well absolutely nothing, there was simply no fonctions that the Pro had that I used enough to justify carrying this huge phone. Mind you I do't have big hands, but even in my pocket it felt heavy and big !

The size of the Mini is just a perfect combination of weight, form and function at least for me ! It feels great in my hand and as fast and responsive as any iphone I ever had ! The bottom line that until Apple goes back to creating phones that fit in my hand, I will keep the Mini, so no Iphone 15 for me that's for sure. Don't get me wrong I like innovation as much as the next guy but not at the cost of confort !

And honestly even the screen size for browsing web page feels great ! As for the battery I just leave my Iphone on my dock when at the office, and I get full day of use no problems.

Apple bring back the mini form factor please ...

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