Jean-philippe Gams / Article / 2023 / July

Surgery !

Today I underwent surgery, and at this time I'm still a little groggy from the anesthesia. but figured It would be a good time to share the post-op experience. After I have an operation this includes full anesthésia ( I only had 3 in my life ) I always feel the same.

Happy to be alive when you wake up, and not stressed about little that usualy stress me. I believe I put things in perpective in a way that I can't usually.

In some ways I thinks I consider the possibility of dying on the table and when you wake up well, you feel some kind of gratefulness, some kind clear vision of what counts and what doesn't !

I might have to come back to this post when all the drugs are flushed out of my body, but it feels nice just writting ;)

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