Jean-philippe Gams / Article / 2023 / June

It's easy ...

The more I write on this blog the more I realise how easy it is ! Let me explain, I don"t have to keep an appearance, don't have to smile for a picture if I don't feel like it, don't have to have a funny line to get people to like or love or share my post !

This is mine, don't have to worry about guidelines, or politically correct speech, I can swear or even yell ( you won't hear that of course ;) ). This is were I can unleash my thoughts as I want to. Don't care about following, don't even care about how many people see this site.

But if I keep it up it might become a very valuable ressource for me when I get older ! I have been on and off with this website for years ! Actually since 2004 under many different domain names ( / ) But I always wanted to get something out of it, don't know exactly what, recognition for what ? no idea ? Clients ? I not selling anything ! But the idea, the dream of that was what I was looking for ! I'm not anymore !

I have a thought I might want my older self to read, this is the place, I want to vent this is the place, I want to share this is the place. Bref , this is easy and this is my space.

Now I need to make a Now page like everyone else ...

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