Jean-philippe Gams / Article / 2023 / June

Social media nuts !

I'm going nuts on social media today, as I'm waiting to go and coach my 5pm class, i'm endlessly scrolling on youtube and twitter and wondering what the hell I'm doing ! It does not provide me any kind of joy and I just keep telling myself how lost we are !

Youtube seems like a giant advertisement place, every creator, filmmaker, Youtuber has something to sell nowadays, even if I pay the 11.99$ to youtube every month, I can't get rid of the ads by the creator, Squarespace is probably the worst from Peter Mckinnon to every creator on the platform, it feels like everyone is promoting it ! It probably has to do with the creators I follow but aside from Casey Neistat I feel like the all are promoting the same stuff over and over again !

I probably should spend less time on youtube anyhow, but I enjoy most of the videos I watch mostly on photography and filmmaking stuff but come on ! Cut the sponsors or at least give us an option to not have to sit and watch this 30 seconds ads ... I know I can fast forward but I souldn't have to if I pay Youtube !

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