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Raycast App

A few month ago, I stumbled upon a YouTube video about how to set up your new Mac, for developers. I didn't have a new Mac, I'm not a developer, but I like to watch such videos, as sometimes I discover a quicker way of doing something, or an app that can save me time, or I just like to see how other Mac users use their MacBook.

That is how I discovered Raycast App, a kind of Alfred, or even spotlight but much better and much more customisable. For instance I just typed "JP" in Raycast and it launched the "Ghost writing page" were I'm actually writing this article. That is what I mean by save me time. You can create shortcuts, short names for app that you use a lot and many more things that I just haven't had time to get into yet. I will very soon though.

Anyway I thought I'd share this app, as it has truly changed the way I use my Mac and in a good way !

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