Alexa, Sonos, Lifx yes please

I recently made a purchase that completely change the way I interact with my house environment !

I wanted better sound for my samsung TV and after some youtubing (new word for googling or searching ) I decided to go with the Sonos Beam, not too expensive, great sound that can be enhanced later if needed with the smaller Sonos One. It's a smart speaker and that's where it gets interesting !

Alexa turn the TV on ! and that's it ! So then I started looking for smart bulb and went for the LIFX brand ! it's suppose to be as good as Phillips Hue but no need for a Hub so it's quit a lot cheaper. Got 8 bulbs and it's enough for my living room, my kitchen and my bedroom !

All in all it's not that expensive and the whole experience is quit nice ! Still have to get use to not switching the lights on manually but other than that Alexa is great for the TV and very reliable so far...

Youtube Premium !

Ever since Youtube offered the premium service to get rid of advertisment, I just jumped on the occasion, I haven't regretted it one bit. I watch a lot of youtube videos from filmmaking and photography tutorials to CrossFit / Fitness podcast and such. There is so much great independant content on Youtube it's crazy.

But, when you watch a something that has at least three or four advertisements in a 15 to 20 minutes video it gets annoying really fast. So paying the 12€ per month is a pretty good investment, for me at least, and it saves me a lot of time... I trully beleive that youtuber should get paid if the wish to when the take the time and effort to produce good content, so a premium plan is a great idea.

It is in my opinion a way better offer than Netflix or any other television or on-demand offers you can get. The variety of content will blow any other service out of the water. And supporting independent production just feels great !

iPad Pro 2018 Review

I have been waiting for an iPad that could actually replace my laptop that I carry around all the time. All this time I have kept my MacBook Pro 13’ from 2015, mostly because of the keyboard glitches apple has had with their new butterfly keyboard system.

So since 2015 I have tried all the iPad’s that came out, the 12’9 for about two days, way to big for my taste. The first generation of the 10.5’ iPad Pro witch came really close to replacing the MacBook. But every time I found something to dislike, the home button on the side when in landscape, and the fact that there was a left and right. The bezels, and of course the lack of photoshop !!

I don’t do much with my MacBook Pro, I watch a lot of YouTube videos, Netflix, I create website that are simple enough to edit on the go ( I have an iMac at home ) using the Coda App, but every now and then I need to edit a flyer for my CrossFit box and can’t wait to be home to do so. So the Photoshop app is a must have for me. I have tried many other app to replace PS but was never satisfied. So when apple introduced photoshop at the octobre keynote, I was sold.

Face ID, slim bezel, powerful like any other laptop, this iPad was for me. And it seems I was not mistaken, the 11’ iPad Pro is just perfect. The form factor and the rectangular edges remind me of the iPhone 4 and 5 both of witch I loved the iPhone 4 especially. It’s really lightweight and the folio keyboard is way better that the last generation as it protects the iPad completely.

The Apple Pencil witch I did not purchase yet will make this iPad do wonders and charging it just by putting it at the top of the iPad with the magnets, perfect.
I have purchased the Apple Pencil and it is a breeze to use, mostly because of the fact that you know where it is all the time... at the top of the IPad Pro. Just laying there, charging.
I am writing this review on the iPad and I’m in Awe with the screen, this is a perfect combo for me. what I now expect to see are Apps that actually take advantage of this powerful machine.
PS : Note that at the time of the writing not all apps have been updated to make full use of the larger 11’ display.

Exited about the new iPad Pro 2018

I have been meaning to switch form using my Macbook Pro from 2015 to using solely an Ipad, but often found that the Ipad Pro or not was lacking a few features. Yesterday Apple unveiled their new Ipad Pro and I must admit that all thoses lackings have been adressed.

The no bezel policy Apple has introduced is making the device really appealing, the screen is now 11" for the same general size as the old 10'5 and the 12'9 has 25% less volume than the previous gen. FaceId and the A12X chip is making this Ipad more powerful than most laptops.

The introduction of photoshop is a real testimony of the power that the Ipad has underneath and makes you wonder what developpers will be able to accomplish with this kind of power.

What is clear is that for my general use it will be more than enough and will complement my Imac very well. I'll go for the 11" model with 256gig. Just enough to import my photos from my camera with the new USB-C connection.

Revue du MacBook 12"

Ayant longtemps rêvé du parfait compromis entre le macbook pro et le macbook air, J'ai tout de même pris le temps de la reflexion avant de succomber au macbook 12, mais le voici enfin en ma pocession.
Après avoir lu maintes revues plutôt négative sur celui-ci, notemment sur la lenteur de la machine (que l'on compare à un macbook air 11" de 2011) ainsi que son nouveau clavier, deux des défauts qui reviennent le plus dans beaucoup de revues anglaises, j'ai quand meme pris le décision d'en acheter un il y a 1 semaine.
Je dois avouer que j'ai été surpris pas la légèrete de la machine et sa compacité ! Fin, léger élégant et surtout magnifique en version gris sideral.


Il est juste magnifique avec un bord quasi inexistant. l'impression d'une totale immersion. Une qualité qui n'a rien à envier au Macbook Pro Retina et dépasse largement les Macbook Air, impossible de revenir en arrière.

Le Clavier

En ce qui concerne le clavier, c'est la partie de cette machine que je préfère ! voila c'est dit, je le trouve parfait, large, agréable au toucher, très réactif. le rétroéclairage et bien plus agréable que sur un Macbook Pro et la typographie des touches bien plus rafiné à mon avis.
Le seul défaut du clavier, est la disposition des flèches il faut un certain temps d'adaptation de il n'est pas rare de devoir regarder le clavier afin de déterminer les touches.


De tout les macbook que j'ai pu posseder, celui-ci est de loin le plus beau et agréable à utiliser.
J'utilise cette machine pour faire la programmation de ma box Crossfit ainsi que pour blogger et faire quelques designs sur Photoshop, et de temps en temps regarder netflix ou quelques films. Il tourne à merveille. Pas de ralentissement à noter mais je ne travaille pas avec toutes ces applications en même temps.